10 Best Tips and Tricks To Learn Programming: For Beginners

Learn Programming For Beginners

Learning Programming is not an easy task most people either feel demotivated or they discontinue learning programming so, here are some Tips and Tricks to learn Programming and I am sure these tips and tricks will help you throughout your programming Journey 

1.Choose your programming language wisely-

A programming language is a way through which you can communicate with a computer and instruct the computer to perform specific Tasks, But there are number of programming languages so which one should you choose. Different programming Language are Created to perform different tasks for example to learn Web Development you should learn Java Script, To learn Data Analytics or ML you should learn Python, R languages as they are created to perform specific task only. Now, If You Want To lean Android Development and you are learning  R language for Android Development then there is no use of that because for Android Development preferred languages are Java or Kotlin . So, You must decide which language to choose according to your interest and then start learning that language if you are still confused about which language to choose then visit here Programming language and there features because most people start learning programming languages by getting influenced by others who differentiate programming languages on the basis of easy and difficult let me tell you no programming language is easy or difficult, It depends on you how much time and effort you put in learning that language and how passionate you are about learning that language 

2.Choose your course wisely-

You can Learn Programming Language By Yourself but it is not a very convenient method for everybody so most people opt for Online or offline courses to learn Programming Languages and ultimately enroll in those courses which are either Incomplete or demotivate them because in most of these courses you are not taught what a beginner should be taught they will assume that you already know the Basics and they save their time and end their course Early and ultimately you won’t be learn anything from these courses 

Choose Your Course Wisely
So You Must Choose Your Course Wisely First Read reviews of the course which you are planning to buy, Reviews of Instructor who will teach you programming so that you can trust your instructor and it is very important for you to trust Your Instructor because if you don’t trust your instructor it would be very difficult for You To learn Programming From him. If you are not able to find any good course then I have a list of courses which you can refer to learn programming languages 

1. Courses on Java Programming Language 

2. Courses on Python Programming Language 

3. Courses on R programming Language 

4. Courses on Java Script programming language 

5. Courses on C++ Programming language  

3.Understand what you are typing-

Don’t just copy the Code which your instructor taught you try to understand the code as much as possible. Ask yourself why the single line of code is written What is the importance of that code Biggest reason why people fail to learn programming is that they just copy the code which is taught by there instructor and after few days they lose interest in coding and after that, they quit learning programming language. Learning programming is not a very easy task it can be very difficult if you don’t try it by yourself that’s why don’t just copy the code try understanding it. Sometimes it might be difficult to understand the code but don’t lose hope try again and again as nobody is perfect and it is sometimes important to fail as the more you fail more you will learn and by learning from those mistakes you can become a better programmer. You can Copy the Code when Required But at beginner level, you must first Focus on understanding the code to clear your concepts and not completing the course early.

4.Trick your Brain-

It is very difficult to make a new habit especially those which put your brain on work. So for that try to trick your brain start practicing coding initially for 20 min – 30 minutes daily as 20 to 30 minutes of practice every day especially at that time of day when you generally do nothing won’t affect your brain a lot, repeat this practice for a month and after that when this practice Becomes a routine increase your time to 1 hour this will help you maintain Regularity and your brain will adapt it easily. This is a short trick which I applied on myself when I initially started to code and it worked for me. so you can too try this trick as it has no disadvantage if this trick fails to work (which I am sure will not ) for you at least you will learn some coding and get the taste of what coding is. If you want to apply this trick on yourself start it today only because You will never have a better time than today

5.Join a Community-

Join A community

To practice, coding join a community or group of your particular programming language there are many communities and groups already exist on Facebook which you can join and start practice coding today. These Communities includes all types of programmers starting from masters programmers who have more than 10 years of experience to beginner and these communities are very active they not only post coding question daily but will answer your questions quickly, They post motivational quotes regularly which will keep you stay motivated and maintain regularity joining these community will give you more exposure and learning that you won’t get from any course alone and you will end up making some good friends who will help you and make your journey to code little easy and interesting. You will get updates regarding any ongoing contest or any internship or any job opportunity, So According to me joining a community is a good practice to get real-world experience in programming

6.Keep Learning-

Keep Learning


Keep learning Keep Practicing don’t stop until you achieve the desired results. learning to code/ Programming is a lifelong process .It is a bit difficult but on contrary it is very rewarding so don’t loose hope if you fail to solve any programming-related question or not able to understand any concept. Just Remember failure makes losers weak and winner strong. Develop a habit of accepting Failures if you are not able to understand the concept right now it doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to understand it in future keep practicing because practicing is the only thing that differentiates between a loser and a winner the more you practice more you learn so keep learning don’t let your confidence go down because once you understand that concept the happiness you feel will be much more then the pain and effort you put in learning it

7.Be a Copycat-

Be a Copycat


Bing a copycat doesn’t mean coping code, being a copycat means following your ideals who are more Experienced and Successful than You, Walking on the path which they followed and achieved success, By Knowing how they created way for themselves, how they tackle the particular situation. You can learn all these from them by copying them. Being a copycat is not a bad thing But blindly following things is a bad thing. You cant achieve anything if you don’t put your own efforts and your own creativity into that even if you are copying the path of a very Successful person because You are not the one who is copying the path. You can copy their techniques through which they learned programming, and apply them in your life to achieve success. 

8.Get a mentor-

Get a Mentor


Getting a mentor is sometimes very beneficial. Getting a mentor doesn’t mean hiring a teacher. A mentor could be your best Friend your big brother or your course instructor to whom you can share your problems and get a solution. learning programming is a long process if you have a mentor or someone who can help you in your journey it will be very easy for you to complete that journey. A mentor who not only praises you when you answer questions correctly but one who can scold you on your mistakes and help you in improving them, A Mentor who can help you in choosing the right path and making right decision at right time, who can encourage you when you feel demotivated and who can calm you when you feel overconfident

9.Learn from your Mistake-

Learning from your mistake is the best way to improve yourself and your programming skills another reason why most people fail in learning programming language is that they don’t learn from their mistakes. if you have this million-dollar attitude of learning from your mistakes then you can get success in any field. learning from your mistake increases your problem-solving ability, Doing mistake is a good thing if you learn from that mistake and try not to repeat them, Every programmer even the master programmers make mistake but what makes them different from others is there ability to learn from there mistake and improve them 

10.Keep Yourself Cool-

Keep Yourself Cool

 Learning Programming is a difficult task it takes a hell lot of time and patience, While you learn Programming your brain works a lot so in order to learn programming effectively, It is must for you to give rest to your brain, Now What all things you can do to rest your Brain. You can listen to music as it will calm your brain or you can do anything like you can play sports this will not only increases your productivity but also increases your learning ability as coding is a very unhealthy practice you need to sit on a chair for long hours which causes your body to suffer. So it is a must for you to either join or get into any sports activity to relax your brain and maintain your health


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