Top 5 programming languages for blockchain development: Complete Guide

Hy Techie! How are you today hope you are fine so you want to know what are the top 5 programming languages for blockchain development. Ok let me brief you a little about blockchain development and who is a blockchain developer and then we will move on to programming languages required for blockchain development. So without wasting more time lets jump to what is blockchain development

Top 5 programming languages for blockchain development

What is blockchain development

Blockchain is basically a technology developed with the main aim of storing data in the securest form possible. A blockchain is a chain of blocks where people, company, organization can store there data in the form of boxes that can be linked together and can be easily retrieved when required. A blockchain can store any type of information starting from legal information to a list of people

But what makes blockchain so famous among other data storing technologies? Blockchain works on century-old method of general financial ledger which is if one stores the data in a block he himself can not delete it or edit it. In order to edit it he has to store new data in a new block and then link it back to the old block which makes blockchain immutable and highly secure another reason why blockchain is so famous is that blockchain is designed to be decentralized which means it is distributed over large networks which means if one tries to steal the data from the blockchain he is indirectly stealing the block from the chain and due to which the whole network gets disturbed and the network will revert back the changes to maintain equilibrium in the system which makes blockchain a highly secure and famous among all other data storage technologies. Now, What is Blockchain development?

In order to add data in a blockchain data has to be programmed inside a particular block which means no one can directly enter the data inside blockchain a special person is required to add, delete, recreate, manage the data inside blockchain who is known as blockchain developer. A blockchain developer not only add the data but sometimes create a whole blockchain as per the need of an organization or a private which means a blockchain developer has a full control of blockcahain which he creates

What does a blockchain developer do

A blockchain developer is responsible for creating and executing a blockchain application. Blockchain developer is a highly paid job but with great salary comes great responsibilities as a single mistake done by a blockchain developer can cause the whole blockchain to shut down or get hacked easily. Blockchain developers not only create blockchain applications but they create smart contracts based on some cryptocurrencies and manages the protocols some of the famous smart contracts are tronmax , tronchain , ethereum based smart contract. In short, a blockchain developer controls the entire life cycle of a blockchain from its creation to its execution

There are two types of blockchain developers

1.Blockchain Software Developers

2.Core Blockchain developers

Both of these developers work differently but together responsible for successfully running of a blockchain applications A core blockcain developer creates architecture of a blockchain application and a blockchain software developer with the use of an architecture created by core blockchain developer develops application that’s how they both create a successful blockchain application

Programming languages for blockchain development

Multiple programming languages can be used in blockchain development but some of the most used programming languages by blockchain developers across the world are –


Why to choose solidity for blockchain development

Solidity is one of the most popular programming languages among blockchain developers across the world. Solidity was launched in 2014 with the main aim of writing smart contracts especially for ethereum based smart contracts but it rapidly became very popular among developers and now solidity is considered as one of the best programming language for blockchain development because of its features and libraries you can easily create your own custom smart contract with solidity programming language


why to choose c++ for blockchain development

C++ is a general-purpose programming language and one of the oldest programming languages in this list. C++ is one of the most used programming languages across the world and always considered the first choice for programmers and blockchain developers because of its multiple mind-blowing capabilities such as advanced multithreading and primitive memory control which make a blockchain application more secure. You will be surprised to know that cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC), ethereum(ETH) and ripple(XRP) are written and developed in C++


why to choose python for blockchain development

Python is a high-level object-oriented programming language and one of the most popular programming language for web development and data analysis because of its libraries but is very popular among blockchain developers because of its syntax python is a very fast processing language you can execute a program by writing very few lines of code as compared to other programming languages like c++ or java which makes transaction process very fast inside a blockchain application


why to choose Simplicity for blockchain development

Simplicity refers to the quality of being simple and down to earth but in tech world simplicity is a programming language used for writing smart contracts using blockchain. It is a newly launched programming language with the main of making smart contracts more safe and reliable Instead being a newly launched programming language it rapidly became very popular among blockchain smart contract developers because of its features with simplicity it becomes very easy to code a smart contract as it allows the creation of a smart contract with very few line of code while maintaining the security and reliability of a smart contract 


why to choose java for blockchain development

java is another very popular programming language among developers. It is a general purpose programming language with huge community support as java was once the official language for android development (Now Kotlin ) but it is very famous among blockchain developers too because of its speed, extensibility and maintenance factor Java is widely used as the programming language for developing blockchain applications. some of the famous blockchain applications build and developed by java are IOTA. NEO, Hyperledger etc

Future of Blockchain development

As you know that bitcoin prices are touching new heights every day and is currently priced at 30,000 USD for one bitcoin So, due to increasing prices more and more people are getting interested into it with the hope that prices might go up and according to experts bitcoin can be as considered as a great long term investment due to which more and more people are investing their savings into it but after purchasing bitcoin they need to be stored and to store this cryptocurrency highly secure blockchain-based crypto wallets are required which are developed by blockchain developers and due to which large companies are hiring blockchain developers to create such wallets that can handle multiple transacations at the same time due to which demand for blockchain developer is rapidly increasing and might increase more rapidly in the future so if you are thinking of getting into it blockchain development then this is the right time for you to start

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