How To Become A Software Engineer: Everything you need to know

Software – Is a computer Program Which is designed to perform a specific task with the help of certain  Instruction which are written in a specific Programming language like Python , Java, PHP. Software act as an intermediate between the hardware and operating system. It connects the hardware to the computer OS and helps them to communicate with each other 

Engineering –  Engineering is a branch of science which is concerned with solving problems related to the real Word.

Software Engineering – Is a branch of Engineering which is concerned with creating and developing different software with a certain set of instruction using Programming Languages to solve the specific Problem Ex-Facebook is a software which is widely used nowadays It was initially created to solve problems related to communication over large distances. Now anybody can communicate with anybody even if they are 1000 of Kilometers apart if they are connected on Facebook with each other 

How To Become A Software Engineer

What does a software engineer do/Role of a Software Engineer?

Software Engineer is responsible for creating and deploying software on the server, Software Engineer applies its computer science Knowledge and mathematical Analysis to develop software. There are many types of software including Operating System, Computer games, System testing software, language translating software,  system Software, Security Related Software (Antivirus ) , location Tracking Software etc. Software Engineer analyzes the needs of the client and then creates the software which fulfills the requirement of client. Software Engineer gives different set of instruction (algorithms) as an input to the computer to get a software which performs a specific task as an output 
There are mainly two types of software Engineers 

1.ASE(Application Software Engineer)

These software Engineers are responsible for creating different software according to client requirements. They create software for different organization by analyzing there needs and giving them the proper solution to there problem 

2.SSE(System Software Engineer)

These System Software Engineers are responsible for working behind the software these type of software engineer works for a different organization, They monitor the proper functioning and working of software they are sometimes called back end software engineer they connect all the computers in the company to a network and allows the communication between them 

Skills required to become a software engineer

Skills Required To Become Software Engineer

1.Programming Language-

Most Important and basic requirement to become a software engineer is you must know a programming language. Some of the Programming Language which you can learn in order to become a software Engineer are – 

– C++
– Java 
– python 
– PHP 
– Java Script 
There is no limit you can learn as many programming languages as you want. The more you learn The more it will be Beneficial For You. But You must know anyone of the above programming languages to become a software engineer

2.Problem Solving Ability-

You must know how to solve a problem, You must have a problem-Solving attitude, that no problem can be solved at once It is not important that you are able to solve every problem what important is you are trying to solve every problem 


If you want to become a software engineer you must have the ability to do multiple tasks at the same time. Because there are times when software engineers had to work on multiple projects at the same time, So at that time that multitasking ability allows them to remain efficient and help them to complete their work on time


You must not be an introvert in order to become a software engineer, You should know how to socialize yourself with others because most of the time software engineers work in teams. So you must Know How To Communicate, How to Express your views to your team member. How to show your disapproval at any topic if you are not convinced with their suggestion   


last but not least you must be able to communicate with your clients to understand their requirements and express your views on it. If you are not able to communicate with him why would he give work to you? So you must have good communication skills to become a software Engineer

Steps to Become a Software Engineer


1.Learn programming language-

Learn Programming Language and earn a bachelor’s degree in computer science – This is considered as the first step toward the path of becoming a software Engineer. Because With Bachelor degree It would be very easy for you to give an interview because in an interview the first thing an interviewer will ask you is about your education qualification and will proceed to other questions 

2.Do specialization-

Do Specializations in Some specific field which are 
– Web Development 
    – Front End
     – Back End
     – Full Stack Web Development
– Android Development
– DevOps
By doing specialization in these areas You will gain Knowledge that how all these things work, How to create a fully-fledged Web site, an android app, and many other things 

3.Create Projects-

Create Projects after doing specialization – you must create some good projects which you can showcase to your interviewer as proof that you know all the skills which will help you in convincing your interviewer and will also leave a good impression in your interviewer’s eyes

4.Do an Internship-

 By doing an internship you will get some real-world experience and you will get a chance to live life as a software developer. Some tech companies offer internships to students with bachelor’s degrees or master degrees to explore more and expand their interest in some specific areas. Duration of internship is mostly 6 months and if you perform well you might get a PPO and become a full-time Software Engineer 

5.Apply for Internship-

 Now you have gained a lot of experience in the internship it’s time to gain interview experience. Give as many interviews as possible. You Might get fail in interviews but don’t stop because the more you fail the more you learn 
This is how you can become a software Engineer 

Salary of a Software Engineer-

Software engineering is some of the highest-paid jobs in the world 
But the salary of an engineer can vary from country to country 

1. India 

The average salary of a software engineer according to glassdoor in India is 523K with the highest being 1000k Rs and the lowest being Rs 259k

Some of the Highest Paying companies in India for Software Engineers are Google, Cisco, Intel, Microsoft, Adobe, Amazon, Goldman Sachs, Deshaw, etc. 


The average salary of a software engineer in the US according to glassdoor is 110k dollars with the heist being $160k and the lowest being $58k
Salary of a Software Engineer in the USA vary based on their Experience 

Can you become a Software Engineer without a degree?

Yes, You Can Become A software Engineer Without A degree by Following simple steps 

1. Learn A programming language by heart –

By heart means to master a programming language because you need to compete with those who have a Bachelor’s Degree and because that they are in little advantage over you So, It is very important for You to master a programming language and how can You master a programming language? By making your concept crystal clear and with a lot of practice.

2. Enroll in Online Courses 

A course which Can Train You from Beginners to expert, Benefits of taking Online course is that they can teach you better and they will teach you specific things required to become a Software Engineer and the Best Thing is that You Will get a Certificate After completion of course which will act as proof that you have done a software Engineering Course Which will help You In your Interviews

3.Attend Live Webinars – 

As you don’t have any degree so try to attend as many as possible Live webinars and note the important points on a paper so that you can retain that information for long time. By attending Live Webinars You Will Remain Up to date with new technology which Will Help you in your Path to become a Software Engineer 

4.Join Software Engineering Community – 

 Join Software Engineering Community a benefit of joining a community is that between software engineers you will learn to think like an Engineer and you will develop a great Problem-solving attitude 

5.Make Quality Projects – 

Try and make as much as possible quality Projects. As they will help you in brushing up your concepts and learning new technology. More projects you make more it will beneficial For You as you don’t have any degree so the projects you make are your only representative in your CV that tells how much you know about a particular technology

6.Give Mock Interviews  –

Before applying for an internship prepare for interview rounds by giving mock interviews Which will prepare you for HR rounds and coding rounds and after this You will be on the same level to those who are having a degree 

Top 5 Software engineering courses-

1.Software Engineering Course (Coursera ) – 

Courses is one of the most trusted platforms in terms of online Courses, Coursera not only provides the best courses but also provides you with the best instructor from top colleges of the world some of them are Duke University, University Of Alberta, University of Pennsylvania, University of Minnesota and even form MIT so you can fully trust Coursera in terms of online courses [Courses on Coursera are bit expensive so you can apply for financial aid if you want ] and most importantly you will get a certificate after completion of course which will be signed by your instructor which is very valuable and act as a proof that you have completed the course under the instructor of a trusted university 

2.Software Engineering 101 – By Udemy 

Udemy is another trusted platform for online courses. You will get a wide range of courses on udemy related to software Engineering. The course which I referred here is a 7 Hour long course with 5K students enrolled 
Now, What you will learn in this course 
You will learn Software Engineering Principles, Software Architecture Planning, Different Computer Science Models, Modularity and Agile Methodology, and many other things
But you cant completely Rely on this course because this course won’t make you a job-ready Engineer You need to learn more. This course is just the Beginning 

3.Fundamentals Of Computer Science – By IIT Bombay (EDX)

If You are one of those who is thinking of becoming a software engineer without a degree then this is for you. IIT Bombay Is India’s No 1 Engineering College and is a highly reputed Engineering Institute If you enroll in this program You will get a certificate from IIT Bombay which is itself a degree. This is 8 months long course (6 – 8 hours per week ) 
Now, What You Will Learn in this course – 
Basic Programming Skills, How To write C++ Programs to solve real-world coding problems, OOPs To Design Modern Software, Data Structure, Algorithm based on time and space Complexity, building Problem-Solving Attitude and much more 

4.Software Engineering Introduction: By University Of British Columbia (EDX)

This is another very good course on software Engineer for beginners by the University of British Columbia but only for Beginners. this is a 6-week long course (8 to 10 hour per week ) with more than 32 K students already Enrolled. This is a free course but you have to pay some amount of money If you want a professional certificate signed by an instructor which will increase your Job Prospects 
Now, What You will learn In this course – How to build a non-trivial software System using an agile in a pair of a team, Techniques for specifying the functional and non-functional aspects of a Software system, designing and testing of software, Role of refactoring in building a quality system.

5.Software Engineering Essentials – By Pluralsight 

This is a 5-hour long course. This is an intermediate level course. The best part of this course you will get a 10 days free trial If you don’t like the course you can cancel your free trial any time 
Now, What you will learn in this course What is Software Engineering, Processes, Methods, Tools, Role Of a SE, Agile, Waterfall (linear), Design, Construction, Testing of software and many other things You will get a certificate after completing this course 

Is it hard to become a software engineer?

If you have read the above article then you might get an idea about the difficulty level of software engineering. According to me, Yes It is Bit challenging but on the contrary, it is rewarding, Software Engineering is the most demanding field and one of the highest-paying fields. The only way you can make it easy from hard is through Practice. Practice as much as possible You might get tired in between your path to become a software Engineer But don’t forget the next step after failure is a success the more you fail the more you learn , Try to stay motivated and keep patience. To live a dream life you need to sacrifice your comfort level and after you become a software engineer when you look back to your struggle It would be very small in front of your achievements So Work Hard to Achieve your Goal  

How long does it takes to become a software engineer?

As discussed It is not an easy path you need to put some serious time into it assuming you are pursuing your Bachelor degree then it might take you 4 to 5 years to become a software Engineer. 4 Year of Bachelor Degree and 1 year of project and gaining real-world experience (assuming you have not done any project or internship during your Bachelor Degree ). If You are not pursuing any Bachelor Course And aiming of Becoming a software Engineer Without a degree then it might take you 3 to 4 years  to become a job-ready Software Engineer 

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