What is Artificial Intelligence? Everything you need to know

What is Artificial Intelligence



What is AI Artificial Intelligence?

(AI) Artificial Intelligence is basically Machine Intelligence or non-natural Intelligence, now here natural Intelligence is referred to the intelligence which we human and animal have, Artificial Intelligence is often used to describe machines and computers who are able to do some of the tasks which even human cant do. The field Of Artificial Intelligence was first discovered in 1956 at a workshop at Dartmouth College by John McCarthy to distinguish the field of cybernetics and escape the influence of cybernetics after that there is a wave of optimism that occurs in the field starting from failures to million of dollar of investment. Computer Science describe AI as the study of ‘Intelligent agents any device that takes action to maximize the rate of success or AI is defined as a system ability to correctly interpret external data to learn from that data and then use those data to achieve a certain goal and if failed then to learn from that mistake to ensure maximum chance of success 

Types of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is divided into two subcategories

1.Narrow AI

Narrow AI is sometimes referred to as weak intelligence. It works simultaneously with human Intelligence. Narrow AI is more focused on doing specific task efficiently and successfully but there are some constraints and limitations to narrow AI that they can do only specific assigned tasks or they are limited to a particular task. Narrow AI is the most common  AI till the date which we can see all around some example of Narrow AI are Google Assistant, Alexa, Siri, self-driving cars, image recognization software etc 

2.Artificial General Intelligence

Artificial General Intelligence is referred to as Strong Intelligence, AGI is that which we see in movies How robots are able to perform everything which humans are capable of and far more things that humans can’t even think of But It is still in process and researches are still being conducted on it as it is very difficult to give a Robot Human-level Intelligence and it is not possible with our present technology but in future, there might be some Robots which works on AGI and will have human Level Intelligence 

Applications of Artificial Intelligence

1.Agricultural Industry

Artificial Intelligence has great significance in agricultural industry. AI has been helping Farmers in collecting and analyzing farm data like soil health and crops, etc. AI not only help farmers in analyzing data but helps farmers in precision spraying of pesticides also known as Blue River Technology. 

2.Automobile Industry

You must have heard of Self Driving Cars. These cars use Specially designed AI models which create a map of there surrounding and protect the car from any danger through different sensors. AI is also used in designing of cars to make them more effective and budget-friendly 

3.Retail Industry

Most of the E-commerce websites like Amazon, Flipkart, eBay, etc uses Chat support which is nothing but AI-powered chatbots which help people solve their problems by giving them proper solution to there problem. The most common way by which these E-commerce websites apply AI is by-product Recommendation. AI keeps the track of your past purchase, your shopping style, and also the current trend and recommends you the products which you will most likely end up buying.

4.Social Media Industry

Social Media platform like Twitter use AI to filter out hate comments, Facebook uses AI as an image recognization system to create gallery or photo albums for you, Facebook and Instagram use AI for friend suggestions based on your contacts and your location so that you end up making lots of friends and spend more and more time on these social media platforms which will earn them profit   

5.Education Industry

Most education institutes use AI to make learning more comfortable to the students by customizing the study material based on their experience, Knowledge, and Intelligence. Many big Institutes use AI for test preparation. They use AI in the form of smart assistance so that students can clear their doubts without the involvement of any teacher

Artificial Intelligence Vs Machine Learning 

Artificial Intelligence VS Machine Learning


Although, Artificial Intelligence and machine learning are two related terms but they have different applications, different features, and different meaning below are some of the key difference between AI and ml
👉Artificial Intelligence is the father of machine learning which means machine learning is a subset of artificial intelligence. Artificial Intelligence as the name suggests “Artificial” “Intelligence” is intelligence created by humans which is not natural on the other hand machine learning as the name suggests “machine” “learning” is the way through machine learns how to perform a specific task 
👉Artificial Intelligence is divided into two subcategories Narrow AI and AGI on the other hand machine learning is divided into three subcategories supervised, unsupervised, and reinforced learning 
👉The goal of AI is to enact the working of the human brain to solve real-life complex problems on the other hand machine learning is used to teach a machine that how to perform a specific task 
👉Examples of Artificial Intelligent – Google assistance, Siri, Alexa 
👉Examples Of Machine learning -Image Recognition, Medical diagnosis, weather prediction

Artificial Intelligence Pros & Cons

Every Technology has its own Pros(Advantages) And Cons(Disadvantages). Some of the pros and cons of Artificial Intelligence are listed below


👉AI-powered machines are highly efficient and highly accurate 
👉Smart Assistance like Siri, Alexa are helping humans to lead a better life 
👉AI is more efficient than humans as humans are subject to tiredness and fatigue 
👉AI-powered machines can take crucial decisions much faster than humans
👉AI helps solving real-life complex problems easily which human sometimes fails to solve


👉AI-powered machines are very expensive to create and maintain
👉AI is Data hungry the more data you enter the more accurate results you can expect 
👉With limited data and resource AI can not replace human level of intelligence
👉AI can Leads To unemployment in the future
👉AI can not be as creative as humans

Artificial Intelligence Engineer Salary

Artificial Intelligence is one of the fastest-growing fields. Almost every tech company starting from amazon to Microsoft are shifting to Artificial Intelligence to increase there productivity and efficiency and in order to manage AI-powered machines there is a huge demand for Artificial Intelligence Engineer in IT industry, Salary Of AI engineer varies from country to country and based on their Experience levels 


According to Glassdoor Salary offered to AI engineer in India can vary from 432k to 2033k rupees annually with the average being 753k Indian rupees per year


According to glassdoor salary offered to AI engineer in the USA varies from 78k dollar to 150k dollar per year with the average being 114 k dollar per year


If you are aiming to become an AI engineer or want to do research in the field of AI then it is a great career opportunity with an increase in the pace of technology AI is one of the most in-demand and fastest-growing fields. Overall the future of AI seems too large to comprehend. But there is no denying the opportunities AI can open for those who invest in it. So If You want to do something big in the field of Artificial Intelligence then start preparing yourselves from today only

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