What is web development? Everything you need to know

Web development is one of the most demanding fields in 2021. Most tech companies hire web developers and offer them jobs with attractive salaries. Some of them are Amazon, Microsoft, Google, Facebook, Uber, and so on, Web development is not just a skill it is itself a set of skills starting from designing a web site to maintaining it, It is basically a combination of front end development and back end development, now what are these terms? You will get to know about them very soon now let’s first understand what is web development   
What is web development

What is meant by web development?

Web development is basically a skill of developing or creating websites and a web developer is a person who has these skills of creating a website and deploying it on the internet. web development is a very broad term website development starts from designing a website to deploying it on the internet to maintaining it. Just creating a website is not enough creation of a website is a one-time process but what takes time is to maintain and review it for any bugs or error

Now, What does maintaining a website include 

1.Checking website for any error

2.Regularly updating website for the proper functioning of a website 

3.Check for any security issues 

4.Backing up website data periodically

5.Doing SEO of a website in order to rank it on google(optional) 

here SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation which is basically a way to make your website get ranked on google to get traffic on your website. Now learning SEO is not important to become a web developer as it is a completely another area of development there are SEO specialist known as SEO’s to rank a website on any search engine but many web developers know how to do basic SEO of a website

Web development is a very broad field which can be divided into three more categories – Fron End Web Development, Back End Development, Full Stack Web Development

Types of web development

1.Front End Web Development

Front End development refers to the client-side development, Front End of a website is the part that user interacts with, everything you see on the website from color to drop-down menu comes under front end development, Front End developers are responsible for website architecture, design, and user interface In order to be a Front end developer one has to learn minimum to minimum three languages which are – 




These three languages are the basic foundation of Front Web Development, along with these languages Front end developer must learn some Frameworks like Angular JS, Bootstrap, Ember JS, etc and libraries like JQuery and Less to become a job-ready developer and is still not over front end developer must remain up to date with new technologies to make a good user interface and a responsive good looking website. In short Front End developer is responsible for the interior design of a house that has been built up by a backend developer. 

2.Back End Web Development

The Back End usually refers to the server-side of the application. The Back end usually consists of three parts 

2.1 Server 

2.2 Application 

2.3 Database 

The Back End Developer Build and maintain the technology that powers the components which together enables the Side which user interacts with( Front End) to exist. A back End developer may know languages such as HTML, Javascript, CSS but mostly their work is done in either of the languages

2.1 Java 

2.2 Python

2.3 Ruby 

2.4 PHP. 

2.5 .Net 

along with some tools like MySql, Oracle, etc. Back End Developers are more focused on website responsiveness and Speed. These languages are used to create dynamic sites rather than static sites some examples of dynamic sites are Facebook, Twitter, Google Maps, Amazon, Flipkart, etc.

3.Full Stack Web Development

Full-stack are often considered as Jacks Of all trades basically full stack web development is a combination of both Front End and Back End Web Development. A full-stack web developer has to learn both HTML, JAVASCRIPT, CSS (Frontend) and Java, PHP, .Net (Back End). A Full Stack Web Developer can work on both side’s client-side as well as Server Side. Full Stack Web Developer can run a completely dynamic website alone by working on the server-side as a Back end Developer and on the Client-side as a Front end Developer that’s why Full stack developers are highly paid in comparison to the other two and are most in demands in big tech companies 

Why you should learn web development

Web Development is one of the highest paying skills in the market. In this competitive world, you must know a skill which can earn you a good living. Learning web development not only provides you with high paying jobs but also gives you an opportunity to work on your own conditions as with web development you don’t need to rely on any job to get payed you can always do freelancing or sell your custom made web site to earn a good living and according to CNBC an American news channel Web development is one of the highest-paid freelance skills of 2020 (source) with hourly rate: $45 and Annual Rate:$90,000. So you have no reason not to learn web development but there are millions of reasons to learn web development

Salary of a web developer in 2021

The salary of a web developer varies based on the type of web development and experience level of a web developer as you know there are three types of web developers – Front End, Back End, and Full-Stack web developer so salaries offered to them are different on the basis of the work they do

1.Front  End Web Developer

According to salary.com average salary of a front-end web developer in the US is $119,224 per year, salary offered to a front-end web developer roughly lyes between $106,922 to $130,383 per year.

2.Back End web developer

According to payscale.com average salary of a back-end web developer in the US is $72,353 per year with the highest being $39k and the lowest being $122k per year.

3.Full stack web developer

According to salary.com average salary of a full-stack web developer in the US is $95,038 per year, salary offered to a full-stack web developer roughly lyes between $81,210 to $107,541 per year.

Web development vs web designing

The most basic difference between the two is web development is the task of creating a fully-fledged website and deploying it on the internet on the other hand web designing is basically graphic designing or designing that part of the website with which the user interacts using certain software like adobe photoshop, Framer in order to build final design of a website. A web developer is responsible for the functioning of a whole website on the other hand web designer is responsible for the design or the layout of the website. work of a web developer is to speed the website and make it as much as responsive as possible on the other hand, the Work of the web designer is to make the website more user friendly by keeping the design of a website up to date according to modern trends  

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