Which is better coded website or website build with a website builder

As you are here so you must be either having a curiosity to know whether a coded website is better or website build with the website builder or you are one of those who want to have your own website but confused between hiring a web developer or creating your website with a website builder and to find the solution to your query you searched your query on google and ultimately google recommended you this article and you are expecting from this article to solve your query ok no problem I will try to solve your query as much as possible so without wasting more time start scrolling 

Which is better coded website or website build with website builder
Coded website vs website build with website builder

In order to know which one is better of the two, you must first understand the difference between the two

How a coded website is built?

A coded website is a website built by developer according to your own requirements with the help of some programming languages like HTML, CSS, java script and other similar languages. Coding a website need skills of front end and back end web developer. first the front end of the website is built from Html(Hyper Text Markup Language and then it is styled using CSS(Cascading Style Sheet) and then finally it is made working with Javascript. Creating your website takes time but if you want a website completely designed and customised according to your needs then the time it takes to create a coded website is completely worth it

How a website is build with website builder

Website builder are the tools which helps you create your own website without actual coding you just need to drag and drop all the features example – menu, images, text, social buttons etc and can make your website look the way you want it to look. There are many websites available on the internet which are actually built by website builder likes Wix, WordPress, Weebly, blogger, etc some of them are – BBC America, Soni Music, Tech Crunch, etc all these websites are built with website builder (WordPress) and are earning in millions.

Now the main question arises Are websites build with website builders really non coded ?

No, websites build with website builder are coded but the main thing is that you dont have to code them yourself. All the coding part is done in back end by the software .Each and every part of a website has some predefined code which means when you drag and drop any new feature into your website the code for that feature automatically get added to your website directory and gets stored there

Why to go with the website build with website builder instead of coded website

Websites build with website builder are much more easier to create and manage while managing a coded website is not a very easy task

Website build with website builder are much more cost effective. You dont need to pay a very huge amount to website builders to have your own website unlike the amount you have to pay to have a web developer to code your website

Website builders are not just cost effective but also provides you with great technical support which means if you found yourself stuck at any point of time they will be available for you 24/7 to help you

Website builders takes much less time to create a website which means if you want your website to be ready in a day or two then website builder are great way to have your won website

With website builders you don’t need to play with technical terms to maintain your website they will make it very easier for you to maintain your website

Some of the best website builders available in the market

1.Wordpress – Almost 30 to 40 percent of the website on the internet are using wordpress and wordpress is considered as one of the best website builders if you want to create a blog website

2.Wix – One of the best website builder available in the market if you want to have a professional-looking website some of the website build with wix are Animal Music, Brown owl creative, Michel oren jewelry etc

3.Weebly – Another great website builder available in the market with great support. Almost 30 millions sites across the internet are created with weebly

4.Godaddy – Godaddy is one of the biggest domain registrar in the market ,Godaddy also offers a website building feature which is cheapest among all so it is a great start for beginners who want to have there own website

Why to go with the coded website instead of website build with website builder

If you go with the coded website you will get a professional looking website which means your website will be based on your needs and requirements. You can have your website customize the way you want it. you don’t have to select limited features that are available in website builders you will have endless features which you can give to your website

A coded website will be more responsive and seo friendly then website build with website builder which will help your website to rank on search engines like Google very easily

You will be the owner of your website which means you can freely migrate your website but if you build a website using website builder like wix your website will be limited to the wix software . You cant edit your code or change your website code yourself

You can monetise your website and earn much more then those website build with website builder. Even some website builders run there own ads on website build with them for free and you wont be able to do anything

You will have your unique website which is not similar or copied from any other website on the internet your website will have a unique design unlike websites having similar designs build with website builder

How to find a good website developer and how much time does it takes to code a website

If you want your website to be coded by a professional website developer then you must be patient the first thing to keep in mind is that coding a website takes time and it will take much more money than website builders. If you are ready to invest a good amount and if you have time then you are good to go with the coded website

Now , Where you can find a good webs developer

There are multiple freelancing sites where you can find professional web developers example – freelancer , fiverr, up work. On these website, you can choose a professional website developer by looking at there portfolio(Website they had already created) and hire one who can create a website based on your requirements

Conclusion : Which One is better

We cant say which one is better as it depends on why you want to have a website. if you want to have your own blog website then it is better to go for a website builder like wordpress but of you want to have a website for your company then it is better to go for a coded website so it totally depends on you and your reasons for having a website

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