Pi cryptocurrency: Next Bitcoin or a Scam

With the success of bitcoin as a cryptocurrency, more and more people are looking forward to investing in cryptocurrencies with the hope that their investment might build them wealth but as cryptocurrencies are becoming popular around the world more and more cryptocurrencies are getting listed on global exchange platforms and it is very difficult to find the best cryptocurrency which can give good returns in future and can increase the value of our portfolio. As cryptocurrencies are considered to be a very risky investment because of huge fluctuations in their prices as they are very volatile there prices are completely dependent on the faith and trust of people mainly on supply and demand that’s why their prices rise and fall very aggressively. Now Coming to Pi cryptocurrency, Is Pi the next bitcoin or a scam

Pi network Referral code

Pi Network

Pi Network was started in march 2019 as a digital cryptocurrency with the main of fueling the world’s most inclusive peer-to-peer economy. It was originally started by a team of three Stanford graduates: Computer Scientist(Nicholas Kokkalis and Aurelien Schitz ) and Vince Mcphilip. Pi is basically a new cryptocurrency that can be mined from a smartphone unlike any other cryptocurrency like bitcoin which takes lots of resources and are very difficult to mine. Pi can be mined just using a smartphone. Mining Pi doesnt require much resources you can mine Pi just by securing and growing the pi trusted network which means the more you recommend it to people more you will earn.

Why to invest in Pi cryptocurrency

There are more than 10 Million people who had already installed Pi network app which means more than 10 million people are mining pi daily which also shows that more than 10 Million people trust Pi Network as you dont have to directly invest your money into it as it is in its development phase which means you can not directly buy Pi from any global exchange what you need to invest is your time only few seconds every day and that’s it you don’t need any powerful machine to mine pi you just need a smartphone to mine pi and believe me mining pi is the easiest thing you can do to earn a cryptocurrency

As everybody is aware of bitcoin because of its huge success from 2008 to 2021 value of price has drastically increased from 0.08 dollars to 52000 dollars which nobody could have ever imagined and now more are more people are looking for cryptocurrencies that can make them rich and according to some reports and predictions, Pi coin can hit 1500 USD by 2025 for a single coin although these are predictions and might be not that logical and accurate but what if there is a 1 percent possibility that these prediction comes true. I am telling you will regret for not mining pi for free and this is the time when you can earn pi cryptocurrency for free as once it gets its way on global exchange platform you will have to pay for it

So I don’t find any reason for you to not invest in pi cryptocurrency If you have one you can tell me and others in comment section

How to invest in Pi cryptocurrency

You can not buy Pi cryptocurrency as it is in its development phase and is not yet listed on any global exchange so what you can do is you can mine pi cryptocurrency for free using your smartphone

You can start earning Pi by just downloading “Pi Network app” on your smartphone either from the play store or any other app store. After installing you will have to create your account inside the pi network by using a referral code

//You cannot start mining pi until and unless you have a referral code as pi is a blockchain-based cryptocurrency so you must be linked to someone’s block before creating your own block so in order to mine pi you will require a referral code of someone who is already mining pi and if you want You can use my referral code – tusharganotra to get started with pi mining//

After creating an account you can start earning pi but only for 24 hours as after every 24 hours you will have to restart pi mining by clicking on a lightning symbol in order to continue pi mining

Here Is a video tutorial to start mining pi

Future of Pi Cryptocurrency

Pi cryptocurrency is currently on its second phase and you can not even withdraw pi from your pi mining app which means currently value of pi is zero but according to some predictions, pi can reach close to ethereum which is currently priced at 1500 dollars as according to some users pi had already been exchanged at the price of 10 dollars for one coin in the backend marketplace so according to these reports pi has a very bright future. Mining Pi can not only make you earn some side money but can also make you rich if the predictions go well. So mining Pi is not a bad idea if you want a cryptocurrency for free although it is very difficult to say that when will pi be able to make its way to the global market and will be equal to some real money but pi can be trusted as more than 10 million people are already mining pi and had trusted pi network. You can earn Pi very easily just by recommending it to your friends and relatives. I had already earned more than 1000 pi coins just by recommending pi to my friends and family in a span of 1 year


Mining Pi is not a bad idea if you want to be rich and if you are regretting for not buying bitcoin in 2008 at the price of 0.08 USD which is currently priced at 52,000 USD which means if you had bought bitcoin for not more than 2 USD you might be a millionaire by today. So Pi coin can be another opportunity for you to be rich from cryptocurrency although it can not be surely said that pi will be a success like bitcoin it might not be able to reach 50000 USD or even 5000 USD but even if it reaches 10 dollar and if you had mined 1000 pi coin you can earn 10,000 USD without investing a single penny. So according to me you should mine pi as it is free to mine pi and most importantly it doesn’t require that much time to mine pi only few seconds a day not more then that rest is on you thankyou.

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